How I Got A Nose Job In Miami

After many years of self-consciousness with my nose and as a result of the mandatory use of a mask with which I felt very comfortable because I could hide my nose, I decided that it was time to look for a surgeon to operate on in Miami. I found Dr. Moralejo (blessed the day) who listened to me carefully that it was what I wanted and above all, she advised me and explained the entire procedure very professionally; she also transmitted a lot of security and tranquility so I did not doubt that it would be her who will operate on me.

That same day he made me a simulation with which I was very satisfied. The entire preoperative process in the clinic (anesthesia and PCR) was 10. On the day of the operation, I arrived early at the clinic in Miami, and they took me up to the room where they asked me some clinical questions, and they gave me 2 tablets (1 antiemetic and 1 relaxant). Quite on time, I went down to the operating room where they first put the anesthesia line on me (I have a panic about needles, and I didn’t find out about anything!) Then I went into the operating room where I could say hello to Beatriz and little else because they already injected me with anesthesia, and I was left roque. .hahaha blessed anesthesia !!!

In addition to the aesthetic part, the doctor improved the entire functional part of my nose, and since before, I breathed mostly through my mouth. Although I had some bruises on my skin type after a week and a half, there was no longer a trace of them.

During the postoperative period, I followed all the top rhinoplasty doctors in Miami instructions, and everything went well! Now two months after the operation, I am delighted with the result 🙂 )…